Spa Scents – SunScents Aromatherapy sends fragrance bubbling into the water of your spa, powered by the SilentAir injection system in all 880 Series spas. Experience the “healing” power of fragrance, and let it calm, or invigorate your senses.

Drop the SunScents spa fragrance basket into the SilentAir dispenser in your spa, twist on the cap, turn on your air and enjoy hot tub aromatherapy. Available for 880 Series hot tubs only.

Choose from eight inspiring spa scents:

Item #6473-153: Honey Mango
Item #6473-154: Pina Colada
Item #6473-155: Ylang-Ylang
Item #6472-216: French Lavender
Item #6472-237: Eucalyptus
Item #6472-238: Tahitian Vanilla
Item #6472-254: Summer Rain
Item #6472-210: Midnight Jasmine

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