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Spa Equipment – Find exactly what you need to complete your portable hot tub and backyard experience with Sundance accessory products. Our extensive line of hot tub accessories includes essentials like Sundance logo towels as well as practical luxuries.

Heavy-Duty Synthetic Stool

Sitting 20″ (50.8 cm), our heavy-duty synthetic stool presents an attractive 13″ x 13″ (33 cm x 33 cm) square seat. Use in conjunction with a table and you have an outdoor seating area for those grilled steaks and chilled drinks.

Item #6473-057 (G, M, K)

Square Planters

Showcase your plants with our synthetic square planters. Outside dimensions: 17.5″ L x 17.5″ W x 19.5″ H (44.5 cm x 44.5 cm x 49.5 cm).

Item #6473-056 (R, G, M) Synthetic

Filter Flosser

Make your life easier by using one of the most dependable and easy to use filter cleaners The filter flosser gets right where you need it cleaning the most, right in between places of your filter, safely removing debris and build up to help your filter last longer and work better.

Item #6473-149

Spa Vacuum

Every hot tub owner brings a little of the outside into their hot tub, sometimes its dirt or sand. The spa vacuum will take care of any footwell debris that builds up from entering the spa. Designed to pick up the smallest sand granule to wet leaves, you’ll find cleaning with the spa vacuum will keep your spa sparkling clean.

Item #6473-011

Quick Drain Extension Hose

The quick drain extension gives you that little extra length of hose when it comes to draining your hot tub.  No muss, no fuss, simply connect the barbed fitting to the hose length that came with your spa and you have doubled the length to 20′.  Wide hose allows water to flow out of 1 1/2″ hose as opposed to a standard 3/4″ inch garden hose, which will take hours to drain the hot tub.  Save time, save the hassle, order the quick drain extension kit.

Item #6473-085

CLEARRAY™ Water 6-in-1 Test Strips

The AquaCheck Clearray test strip was designed to measure Chlorine down to .5 ppm. Much less than the standard strip that only measures down to 1 ppm. This smaller residual of Chlorine is just what is recommended for your Clearray system. Best of all, the strip measures Bromine, Free Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity and water hardness. By keeping your spa water in balance, your maintenance routine has just been made simpler. Filters will clog less, water will appear cleaner, the levels will be just what is needed to keep the spa running at optimum performance. 50 test strips to each bottle.

Item #6473-093

Water Bacteria Test Strips

Ever wondered about your water? Is it safe? If so, the water bacteria test strips are just what you need for that peace of mind when using your hot tub. In just 17 minutes you’ll know whether your spa has bacteria living and breeding in it. The test strip is simple to use and will tell you if the spa is positive for pseudomonas, e.Coli and other Coli-form bacteria. Use part number 6473-092 for added peace of mind.

Item #6473-092

Rubber Ducks

Traditional yellow rubber duck for your hot tub.

Item #6472-074: Yellow Rubber Ducks


Mounts to virtually any hot tub to serve as a side tray for refreshments and towels. Its center pivot design allows SpaCaddy to swing in or out of the spa. Made of reinforced, weather-resistant plastic and equipped with stainless steel upright post. 27″ L x 19″ W (68.6 cm x 48.3 cm).

Item #6473-035

Hot Tub Drink Tray

Ideal for use at a hot tub party. Drink trays fit snugly in the contoured filter lid recess to provide a secure spot for beverages.

Item #6472-540: 2000-2008 880 Series
Item #6472-637: 780 Series
Item #6472-682 – 2009 880 Series


The Safe-T-Rail helps you enter and exit any spa, with its slip-free, black foam grip. It attaches to the hot tub, and is constructed of black, powder-coated, rust-free aluminum.
48″ L x: 16″ W (121.9 cm x 40.6 cm). optional Rail Stand slides under the spa; sold separately.

Item #6473-037: Safe-T-Rail
Item #6473-036: Stand for Safe-T-Rail


The cushioned SoftSeat adheres to the spa with suction cups and provides a “boost” for those under 5’4″ (156.4 cm). Adhesive pads must be used for quarite spas.

Item #6472-450: SoftSeat
Item #6455-003: Pads for Quarite spas
(set of 4)

Microclean™ Ultra

This spa filter is the industry’s first interlocking system to provide dual filtration, which produces the purest water. The outer filter traps large particles while the inner filter traps ultra-fine particles.
You can wash out the first-stage filter to save on replacement spa filters.

Item #6541-397

Quick Drain & Quick Vac

The Quick Vac makes short work of spa debris, while the Quick Drain can tackle draining your spa in 30 minutes or less. Vacuum out your hot tub without any fuss, muss or complicated, hard-to-maneuver, awkward spa vacuums. For larger jobs, no need to use expensive sump pumps, no more waiting around for hours to drain a spa; the Quick Drain does it all, right down to 1/8″ in the footwell. The Quick Vac and Quick Drain are fully assembled on arrival. Makes maintaining your spa easy, quick and surprisingly simple.

Item #6473-145: Quick Vac
Item #6473-146: Quick Drain


Sundance Spas’ mineral spa cartridge leaves water clean, clear and soft. An alternative to chlorine when used in combination with MPS (monopersulfate), the SunPurity cartridge fits into the bromine dispenser of the filter cover of 880 and 780 Series hot tubs. It reduces the potential for unpleasant odors and residue lines, and can be used with your hot tub CLEARRAY™ system. Lasts up to four months. Not available in Canada.

Item #6890-780

Note: The SunPurity requires only a small maintenance dose of non-chlorine oxidizer.The SunPurity cartridge is not compatible with biguanides such as SoftSoak® or Baqua®.

First Step Clean-N-Fill Hot Tub Pre-Filter

Provides five stages of filtration using ion exchange resins, as it purifies. Equipped to handle extremely hard, dirty water, it connects to a standard garden hose. Each filter is good for three fills.

Item #6473-148 (Case of 6 pre-filters)

MicroFiber Spa Pre-Filter

This disposable spa filter, or pre-filter, is designed to purify your water before you fill your spa. It reduces the total dissolved solids (TDS) from the water and increases water quality. Sundance Spas’ pre-filters are 90% efficient at removing dirt, sediment, rust, and calcium. The MicroFiber pre-filter extends filter life and reduces hard mineral deposits.

To use: Attach the spa pre-filter to the end of a garden hose and begin to fill.
Usage: One spa pre-filter is good for 1,200 gallons or 2-3 fills.

Item #6473-364

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